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Creating an Income Stream through Real Estate as a Small-Time Landlord

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Before quitting my job to start entrepreneurship, I knew making money on my own would not be easy. That's why I set out to set up some recurring monthly income using the boring method of real estate.

Over time, I bought 1-4 multi-family homes, all using debt from banks and using the traditional mortgage process. I had no special connections. The homes are rented and generate a few grand each month in cashflows; those homes also de-risk my entrepreneurial journey because I live for free thanks to rents covering my living expenses (mortgage, taxes, utilities, etc.)

In this book, I go over 3 of my first deals with actual numbers. From buying my first home when I had very little to put down, a 3.5% and $17.5k downpayment. To buying more with a conventional loan of 20% down, and finally buying as a pure investment property with 25% down. These three deals should be enough to take anyone from knowing nothing about investing in real estate to good knowledge they can scale to create income for themselves.

The book goes over my rules of thumb and heuristics for buying real estate, renting real estate, and the risks involved. It goes over the current high inflation environment and how we can still find good deals. I also cover the optimal model, so it takes as little time as possible to be a small-time landlord.

Who is this for?

This book and course are for anyone who has been thinking about investing in real estate and is not sure what it takes.

It is a book and course for someone that wants to create an extra income stream to protect against a downturn, layoffs, or even to extend their entrepreneurial runway.

This course assumes you have little to no real estate investing experience, so it is for beginners.

This is also for someone with no immediate intention of going full-time into real estate. It is for someone who would like to maximize the benefits while minimizing the amount of time spent as much as possible.

This course is for someone who wants complex real estate topics simplified as much as possible for beginners to understand.

Who is this not for?

This book or course is not for you if you want to buy buildings or short-term rentals. It touches on those investments and their tradeoffs but is not primarily geared toward that.

if you are a pro real estate investor, this will be too much beginner material for you.

This is primarily geared toward the U.S. market, but it may work in other places where their government is involved in regulating traditional mortgages somehow.

Video Contents

  • Intro & My Story - 0:00
  • Blue Line & Steady Income - 3:20
  • Success Rates in Real Estate - 7:40
  • The Types of Mortgages - 9:15
  • The Conventional Mortgage - 13:00
  • My first deal analyzed: FHA - 17:30
  • The second deal analyzed: Conventional 20% down - 41:30
  • At least four ways to make money in Real Estate - 48:30
  • Qualifying for Mortgages - 54:50
  • Interest Rates and Real Estate - 59:00
  • Deal Number Three Analyzed: Investment Property - 64:30
  • Why Leverage and How Much Leverage - 68:00
  • The Algorithm for Investing in Real Estate - 71:00
  • How to Find Homes - 80:00
  • How to Screen Tenants - 84:00
  • Buildings (large multi-families) vs. Homes Tradeoffs - 88:00
  • Speculating about the market. And is now a good time? - 93:00

Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes.

Book Contents

The book and the video course are similar; the book has more detail, but the video program is made for those with less time on their hands.

This product was born out of the Small Bets community. I've presented on this topic multiple times to others in the community interested in setting up some income through real estate.

Praise from Readers

"I have just finished the book. This was a very good (and fast) read!

I learned a lot of things I knew nothing about. I think this is a really good intro to real estate, basics of the tax code when it comes to real estate, and how to be an ethical landlord." (link)

"I really enjoyed reading this book, well done!"

Vic Vijayakumar (@VicVijayakumar)

"Louie has first-hand experience in being a small-time landlord, and discovered a good selection criteria to optimize for staying in the game and have no headaches, over maximizing profits with high risk.

I bought this and learned a lot from @LBacaj"

Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo)

"Louie Bacaj, your presentation was so impactful that it completely changed how I look at real estate investing. I had always known that it was a good investment opportunity, but I did not see it as a good fit for me. However, after hearing your presentation, my views have changed."

— Alina Okun (Small Bets Community)

"As a conclusion, I totally agree with @Louie Bacaj principles: Good neighbourhood, longterm tenants and mortgage are essential to increase returns"

— Ahmet Karman (Small Bets Community)

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Creating an Income Stream through Real Estate as a Small-Time Landlord

21 ratings
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