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Timeless Career Advice for Software Engineers

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Before I recently quit my high-paying job to work for myself, I was the youngest Senior Director in Walmart Engineering. I had the most promotions in the shortest amount of time and I climbed 6 levels in 4 years. In this video course, I've packaged everything I learned so you can get ahead quickly in your engineering career.

In this course, I will tell you the things your manager wants to tell you, but can't. Either because it would make things awkward, or it would get them in trouble. These are things that I had to learn the hard way. This is the advice I wish I would have had years ago, that you will get now.

In this course, I am taking a whole year of One on Ones I would have with one of my reports and compressing them into an hour and a half for you. Plus I am adding a whole bunch of detail people arent usually fully transparent on in One on Ones.


Core Principles About Engineering Careers

  • Intro & Agenda - 0:00
  • Startup vs Big Tech - 5:30
  • Levels + Salaries + Experience Required - 9:15
  • IC vs Manager- 15:25
  • What do Software Engineers do? - 18:25
  • Not Code Monkeys- 21:00
  • Let's Talk Value - 22:30
  • Lets Talk Code - 24:30
  • The Soft Skills - 31:40
  • Empathy as an Engineer - 41:35
  • Compounding Engineers vs Detractors - 44:00

How to get Promoted and get ahead as an Engineer

  • Formula to Get Promoted - 52:15
  • How Promotions Work - 54:15
  • Promos at Startups vs Big Cos - 58:15
  • Promos and Relationships - 61:15
  • Promos, Time, and Scope - 64:15
  • One on Ones - 67:15
  • Mid Year and End of Year Reviews - 73:30
  • What to learn - 75:30
  • Junior to Senior Expectations- 82:30
  • Senior to Very Senior & Above - 88:45

Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes.

Bonus Modules

  • How to Ask for a Raise
  • How to Switch Teams Successfully
  • How to Change Engineering Disciplines
  • Mentorship and how to Find it

Duration: 30+ Minutes

Both versions of the Video course include the four bonus videos. Also available to those that previously bought it.

Refund policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Testimonials from Others

"The 1.5h video Timeless Career Advice for Software Engineers from @LBacaj

is so good.

It's the kind of honest insights for those in tech you could only get in the past if you were close friends with an eng director. At $15 it's nothing but a steal."

-Gergely Orosz, The Pragmatic Engineer (@GergelyOrosz)

"So, I finished the course last night and had a few more thoughts.

You should definitely charge more for this :) It would have been a no-brainer at $50 or even $100, although perhaps it might need a little more polish at that level. This advice is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions in some cases."

-Elliot, Web Developer (@elliotbnvl)

"The whole internet about to level up "

-Jay, Principal Software Engineer (@Janahan__)

"Fantastic course!"

-BowTiedHal, Software Engineer (@BotTiedHal)

"Louie’s the real deal and should be selling his book for more than $15. Highly recommended."

-Cole, Director of Engineering (@coledutcher)

"For less than a meal at a local restaurant, you're getting tips on how to 10x your career. Louie's casual conversational style is like experiencing the most friendly and engaging manager ever opening up on how to achieve more and get promoted."

-Alvin, Senior Engineer (@JustSomeDev)

"bought your course today, watched it, referred it to a group of mentees getting their start in tech...100% stuff I wish I would've known from the jump, extremely useful" -dave, eng. manager (@mathesondavid)

"Watched @LBacaj's "Timeless Career Advice for Software Engineers" in one take. Priceless advice if you work in big tech. Obvious in retrospect but priceless if you are just beginning. I wish someone had told me these things 3 years ago; it would have made my AWS journey clearer."

-Nir Shney-dor, CTO of Monkeybal (@shneydor)

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This will be the One on One with your Engineering Manager you should've had.

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Timeless Career Advice for Software Engineers

63 ratings
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