The Newsletter Launchpad

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In less than 5 hours, you'll learn how to create an easy newsletter publishing system you can stick with. You will also learn how to put yourself out there authentically and build up the confidence to publish more.

The Newsletter Launchpad will give you the frameworks, skills, and most importantly, the confidence to launch and stick with publishing your newsletter.

Everything you need to start sharing your ideas while building a loyal audience you own permanently is in here. This pre-recorded course is packed with small and big actionable frameworks to help you hit publish.

Why should you start a newsletter?

Writing a newsletter will help you build relationships and unlock opportunities. A newsletter is a low-stakes and safe way to start sharing and sharpening your ideas with like-minded people. It will make you a better thinker, a better compounder of knowledge, and a better communicator. 

Since starting a Newsletter, I grew from a hundred followers to over 18k on Twitter and over 6k on LinkedIn. This course covers all of that. In my newsletter, I sharpened my ideas through conversations and, over time, gained the courage to take them to more public channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Chris is still reluctant about being vulnerable, but his comfort zone has expanded. His newsletter helped Chris validate ideas and get the bad ones out of his head. It connected him with like-minded people; he built deeper relationships than he ever could have on social media alone.

We both gained leverage over ourselves and the outside world by having a simple system to publish weekly and by building up a body of work. The body of work we have created and the audiences we have built up are valuable and reusable assets.

This course is for you if you:

  • have struggled to share more authentically.
  • want to start a newsletter and build an audience.
  • maybe endlessly consuming without a creative outlet.
  • are looking to become a better, more consistent writer.
  • are worried that maybe your ideas aren’t worth reading.
  • want to build up the courage to get your ideas out there.
  • are worried if anyone will read your newsletter if you start one.
  • are worried others may think your writing or your newsletter will suck
  • want to share your thoughts with people who care about the same things but don't know how.

This course is not for you if you:

  • already have a large and loyal audience
  • are over 30 editions into writing a newsletter.
  • already have a system for publishing a newsletter


  • Agenda and Why Newsletters - 0:00
  • The Minimum Viable Newsletter - 11:30
  • Newsletter as Modules - 30:00
  • The Content and Medium Spectrums - 38:22
  • The Newsletter Content Flywheel - 46:00
  • Idea Public Offering (IPOing Ideas) - 49:00
  • The Internet Game & Growing an Audience - 1:19:00
  • Growing The Newsletter - 2:03:30
  • Getting Replies- 2:29:40
  • Gaining Internal and External Leverage - 2:38:30
  • Writing Advice - 3:02:10
  • From Newsletter to Social Posts (IPO) - 3:46:45
  • Course Summary and Recap - 4:17:24

Duration: 4 hours 44 minutes.

We may upload additional content here from time to time. You would get any bonus content we upload here for free.


A Little About Us

A little over a year ago, Chris and I started publishing and writing online; we had no idea we would write hundreds of essays, 60+ newsletter editions each, and thousands of tweets and social posts. This was more than either of us had written in the last ten years combined.

Chris and I are not the "extroverted way out there" types that seem to succeed in building audiences easily. We are the opposite. A little bit awkward in large groups and definitely introverted.

But by writing a regular newsletter, we found a low-stakes way to share and strengthen our ideas. Through that, we gained opportunities to be mentors in some of the best Cohort Based Courses, like Write of Passage and Small Bets. We helped hundreds of people and gave feedback on hundreds of essays and newsletters..

We built this course to help you overcome those same silly imposter fears we overcame.

If we can do this, we think you can too.

Refund policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Upgrade Anytime

Just reply to the download email anytime to upgrade to the live Cohort Based Course from the recorded version and get that amount off the Cohort price.

Praise from others

"With Chris Wong's and Louie Bacaj's Newsletter Launchpad, I become part of a community of people who get this.

I’ve published 14 editions of my newsletter and I see no end in sight. If you ever wanted to publish regularly, I highly recommend you take this cohort-based course"

-Janahan Sivaraman (@janahan888)

"Yesterday, we wrapped up Louie Bacaj's and Chris Wong's Newsletter Launchpad course!

I had a blast getting to learn more about newsletters with so many like minded people.

Thanks to everyone's feedback, I hit my highest open rate of 86% and 13 replies for an email."

-Christine Trac (@christinetrac1)

"The Newsletter Launchpad was an amazing course! I have already recommended it to several people. Thank you Louie Bacaj and Chris Wong!"

-Alina Okun (@AlinaOkun)

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The Newsletter Launchpad

32 ratings
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